MI Packaging


We are one of the finest
packaging company in India.

Our company is one of the finest packaging company in Mumbai Maharashtra, India. MI Packaging has been in business since 2004. We began as a small company with modest beginnings. Developing new and exciting goods became our point of difference
and we gradually started growing as a company. Our knowledge is based on more than two decades of experience in the sector. Our unwavering commitment has earned us a number of positive reviews from our consumers, and we frequently receive return business. The company is committed to providing competitively priced items and a level of service that keeps consumers coming back.

Unforgettable Experience !

We as a company believe in production as prototyping is easy but production is not. After all the packaging of a product creates a much larger impact than the product itself as packaging is the first impression our clients get. So as a company we make sure that whatever production we take under our wing is priced at the right amount and do not compromise on the quality of it. These are a few of the reasons that we have had clients stay loyal to us as we are to them, some brands for more than 10 years now. We aim towards designing the overall supply chain experience in terms of packaging and of course never compromising on its quality in the process. We manufacture the products at our own facilities and have a daily production of 5000 boxes.


We, as a company, believe in creating an unforgettable experience for our customers, with packaging, in terms of brand and product perception. We are all about injecting style and charm in everything we do and thus want to design the overall unwrapping experience beautiful for everyone. We trust in creating an environment that encourages innovation by a skilled workforce and venture for complete customer satisfaction.


Our entire assortment of wrapping paper, bags, boxed cards, jewellery boxes and accessories is manufactured by us at our own provision. Making sure that the quality isn’t compromised is one of our most important beliefs that we fulfil as we believe our clients deserve great quality products at the right price.



We envision to make our entire assortment of wrapping paper, bags, boxed cards, jewellery boxes and accessories vibrant and outstanding. Our company strives to make the entire unwrapping experience more joyous through our packaging. We hope to see it as little packages of excitement and fun that would help our customers get out of the rather daily and mundane routines.